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my name is John Gully. This site is home to basic information about me, and was created in an effort to allow others to reach me easily.

I also have several other web sites that you might be interested in, including the following:

Contact Information

I currently reside in Frisco, TX a suburb just north of Dallas. If you wish to contact me please feel free to look me up on Facebook or just send me an email.
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The Persimmon Group, Inc.
Attn: John Gully
4425 W. Airport Frwy.
Irving, TX 75062


John Gully (born October 26, 1978 in Amarillo, TX) is a software developer and consultant for The Persimmon Group, Inc. Currently he lives with his wife Elaina and two children, Ian and Anabelle.

He came into the field of software development through his part time work at The Persimmon Group, Inc. during his attendance to Northwood University. After graduating from university in 2000, he began work for Mary Kay as a web developer designing the corporate web site. Then two years later began working at Tyler Technologies writing software for county and state government. After a five year tenure at Tyler, John was approached again by The Persimmon Group, Inc. and returned to his original employer.

At the present time, Gully is employed by The Persimmon Group, Inc. as a software consultant. He specializes in Microsoft .NET technologies and their use with the IBM iSeries Platform.

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